Simulytics Services provide Logistics and Supply Chain solutions to domestic as well as international customers. Our process consulting practice works on "de-bottlenecking" processes with minimal capital investment. This ensures rapid payback and good returns on investment. We believe that consulting is more than just recommendations; it's also about execution. We help you achieve your goals through continuous evaluation and support. Our consulting engagements include:

Supply chain planning & operations

Supply chain planning is an integral part of any business strategy. Accurate planning and execution give you measurable results that save costs and improve your bottom-line. Simulytics identifies the gaps and improves your Supply Chain efficiency. We have worked across a range of environments and industries and provide industry-specific planning solutions. We help you in the following areas:
  1. Supply Chain Planning Process Design
  2. Advance planning and Scheduling
  3. Rapid Diagnostics

Warehousing operations

Simulytics Services help you streamline your warehouse operations in line with your business strategy. Our experts provide optimization solutions for Inbound and Outbound functions, Inventory, Space and Resource management. It helps you transform your business by reducing distribution costs and inventory levels. We not only recommend but help you implement the best practices that improve distribution center efficiency, labour productivity, resource utilization and customer service.

Reverse logistics operations

Reverse Logistics is becoming an important concern for manufacturers. To handle this efficiently and effectively, Simulytics Services provide consulting in the area of:
  1. Assessment and benchmarking
  2. Business Process Re-engineering
  3. Network Optimization