1. Warehouse Management
    System (WMS)

  2. Transportation Management
    System (TMS)

  3. Supply Chain Simulator
Simulytics Warehouse Management System (WMS) is suitable for a wide range of warehousing operations such as retail, distribution centres, trans-shipment locations etc. This contemporary WMS is a web based solution that supports single or multiple warehouses with centralized control over operations. Simulytics WMS is a combination of expertise in supply chain domain and sound IT services. This user friendly solution is easily deployable across multiple facilities. It gives you immediate advantages of optimization of resources and reduction in operational costs.

Simulytics WMS Key Benefits

  1. Reduction in inventory variance as the WMS provides clear visibility and accuracy in inventory management operation
  2. Rapid order-picking & dispatch allows better customer service
  3. Rules-based material storage with ageing control – First-in First-out, First-Expiry First-out, etc.
  4. Rapid physical stock verification to control pilferage and wastage
  5. Improved labour and space utilization for reduced operational costs
  6. Optimized usage of material handling equipment
  7. Automated integration with ERPs

WMS Modules

  1. Material Put-away
  2. Material Dispatch
  3. Space Management
  4. Material Kitting & Processing
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Warehouse-Within-Warehouse
  7. Order Management
  8. Billing